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Personal TrainingPersonal Training is all about staying motivated, getting results and getting them in the shortest amount of time possible. I take into account my client’s needs by providing a bespoke programme which is uniquely suited to them. This programme will not only ensure optimal results, but also make my client comfortable with the journey they are pursuing.

Personal training isn’t just about being challenged in training. It is about being provided with a precise nutrition plan that is going to fuel the body with the essential nutrients it needs to achieve the results you want. Personal training also helps you develop a strong mindset where you can stay outside of your comfort zone without falling at the first hurdle. Having a personal trainer is like having a robot programmed to achieve your success! It’s our objective to transform YOU into the best you can be!

Training facilities will vary to suit your needs but also keep you challenged to keep the mind guessing and the body progressing. You will never get bored!I operate from VIP Studio but I can adapt to where ever is the most feasible location for you. Whether it’s an outdoor location or even your own home. My services aren’t just about losing body fat or increasing muscle mass. My services give you the full package so you can adapt to any situation by making you stronger, leaner, fitter, more flexible, more stable and more agile.


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